Sunday, February 12, 2017

Living With Quilts: Future Perfect Tense

Even though I give away most of my quilts, many still grace my home.

One of my favorite quilts hangs in my kitchen.  I can see it from where I stand to cook and also every time I walk through my kitchen to my sewing room.  It just makes me happy:

This quilt tells the story of a very difficult time in my life and quilting my story helped me through it. I tell the story of the creation of this quilt HERE.  

For the observant among you, yes this quilt is held to the wall with tacks.  I did this because I am lazy.  I felt less guilty about doing so when I discovered this was how they hang the quilts at the Tokyo Quilt Festival!  Seen with my own eyes:

This tack is at the bottom right corner of this quilt:

Have you every quilted a deeply personal quilt?  Do you treasure the result, or did you need to make the quilt and leave it behind (I can see both sides of that one)?

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