Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Place: The Waiting Room

Last week I wrote about how I've been cleaning out my sewing room and donating unneeded craft supplies.

As I'm digging through, I'm finding scores of projects in various stages of incompleteness.  I can't work on 100 projects at a time (trust me: I've tried it), so what do I do with all of these found projects while they patiently wait their turn?

They go into large ziploc bags and then into holding bins:

Isn't that just a delightful mess?

For scale, here's a side view:

I really wish I could say that I only had one of these overflowing bins in my sewing room.  I have never finished counting the number of in-process projects I have;  I usually give up hope as I approach 200.

In a perfect world. all of these bins would be empty and I would only have a few projects in process at any time.  This sewing room isn't in that perfect world, so the projects just sit and wait for now.



Lori said...

My waiting room is overcrowded too...I've decided to release some of the waiters into the great unknown...

Crystal_235 said...

I've been putting my projects in Ziploc bags too.

Connie the Cootiebug said...

I can completely get this post. I don't have as many projects waiting on me but I did just these past few days sort through some of mine and take inventory of what I have started, made a list of them, and now I feel I have a bit of control that I didn't previously. I've decided to take these UFOs on one-by-one and try to achieve completion. I don't know why but it does seem more fun to begin a new one than work on an old one that's been set aside. But, I have some determination to just do it. I'll see where I am a year from now.

Warm Quilts said...

I feel overwhelmed with 10-12 in-process projects that are neatly stored in a cloth bin. This is possibly due to the fact that I have little time to sew, and don't start many projects. I do have drawings and patterns saved of future, in-the-back-of-my-mind projects - that list is growing all the time.

Kerry said...

My nemesis is my first quilt ever. I started it when my daughter was young - the "how not to do patchwork" before discovering someone who could teach me. All by hand. Then she grew, so I enlarged it for a bigger bed. She's almost 25 and is resigned to never getting it! I get it out, I look at it and then I shudder and fold it up again. I decided to finish it last year. Meh, maybe this year. Meanwhile I have been doing much more sewing on the machine and learning a fair bit. I don't have that many waiting in line, but I think as I go ooh and ahh must do that and that - I may hit double figures soon! Life does get in the way of what I want to do most though! Now that the children have left the nest I seem to be making up for lost time!