Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tempted: Thorn Quilt

I need to make This Quilt.  Need.  This Quilt.  Now.

It is for sale until February 18, so I'm going to buy the pattern now and make it later.

No really, I will wait until I finish more projects before I start this quilt.  (famous last words)

Maybe I'll use these fabrics?


familyquilter said...

Debby, thanks so much for showing the "Thorn Quilt" pattern. I love it and have just placed my order. Now to decide what fabric to use! It will probably be a couple months before it is started. Happy Quilting, Susan

Kerry said...

Oh dear - my curiosity is driving me crazy - what is the Secret pattern - ooh ooh - and I like the Triangle Transparency too. I could sneak a couple in before the hubby notices. Of course I'll have to break up my stash. A little. Perhaps. I might get away with patterns - not so much fabric! OK pattern or more it will be. I might need some fabric to boost - just not the right shade in the stash . . . ARGHHHH!