Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Road to California Quilt Show

I'm teaching at Road to California this week!

I bring all of the supplies for the class so the students don't have to.  That means I spend my evening hours cutting fabric for the next day's class. 

How many fat quarters long is my hotel room?  Possibly no one else has ever measured this hotel the same way!

My students are quite lovely.  Since there was nothing on their supply list, I wrote "Bring chocolate for the teacher and lots of smiles."

They brought both!

This week I'm teaching rulers on the Handi Quilter Capri (twice! Both classes are full!), a free-motion Essential Echo class, and More or Less.

And Road to California is in CALIFORNIA!!!  I left New York in a snowstorm with doubts that my flight would take off.  My reward is a week of 70*+ weather. 

I have the Best. Job. EVER!

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