Monday, January 27, 2020

Summer Solstice Shawl: An Ongoing Project

Since I regained some of the use of my fingers, I've been wild for all types of hand work.  Most recently -- Crochet!

I am making a Summer Solstice Stole!

I'm trying to expand the color of my wardrobe and chose blackberry Gloss Fingering Yarn.  To keep my dodgy fingers happy, I am using a cushioned crochet hook

I haven't crocheted in decades so it took a time or two to get the pattern figured out, but once I got the first few rows done, I found it was easy to stitch and I'll be able to travel with this without carrying the pattern with me.  I hope to finish this to wear on my quilting cruise in April.  I have great shoes to wear with it, but haven't chosen the right dress yet.

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Barb Johnson said...

I've picked up crochet again, too. I find that I can do it while watching TV at night with my hubby. He likes to watch TV, I don't. But he likes me to sit with him. So crochet gives me a way to make us both happy.