Thursday, February 09, 2006

Public Libraries Still Rule!

I just finished Point Blank by Catherine Coulter. I borrowed the unabridged CDs from the library.

I enjoy 'thrillers' (as this book was tagged). This is the first of Ms. Coulter's books I've read and it was a great car book. It was obvious that there were other books in the series to fill in the alluded-to backstory, so I look forward to getting them from the library and letting them make my errands less painful. I live 6 miles from the closest gallon of milk, so any errand takes a bit of time. (We live at the beginning of nowhere -- I've been to the middle of nowhere and we're not even close!) This book was 10 hours long and I finished it in 3 days in the car? That's a glimpse into my life, I think.

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Rosanne said...

Great blog; lovely quilts! I can so relate to "the Event"! I spent weeks looking for a dress for DH's company Christmas party (12/3)that would also work for DD's wedding(12/31)... I found it the DAY of the party! It was only $25.00 at Ross, which kind of made up for the aggravation of finding it!