Monday, February 06, 2006

Shopping for the Event

My darling husband is receiving an award at an Event. There are events and then there are Events. Little 'e' events are nice places to go. Big 'E' Events are places you go that take a month to prepare for. This is one of the latter.

Last week my dear quilting friend went shopping with me and helped me pick out a dress. I'm a sweater, jeans and boots type of gal, so a dress is something foreign. Shopping for a dress for an Event requires sedatives. We persevered and I'm quite pleased with the dress. I was thrilled to be done with stage one of shopping for the Event.

Today was stage two: drive a distance to the fancy shopping mall and work on purchasing accessories. After three hours of solo shopping, I couldn't take any more and fled home. Fortunately, I had made some purchases. A lovely Ralph Lauren silk wrap and some very cute Steve Madden shoes. I'll see dear quilting friend tomorrow for her approval, but I'm quite proud of the purchases and am confident she will be in favor of my keeping them.

The outfit so far:

Many thanks to the darling daughter whose lovely arm is in the photo. This is as close to a dress as she intends to get.

There are many stages of preparing for the Event left to enjoy: the hair cut, the purchasing of the bag, the selecting of the makeup, and the selecting of the jewelry. I need some time to recover before I move to stage three. Quilt therapy?

Do husbands know what Events do to wives? I think not.

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Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - that is how I find so many other great blogs. Anyway, you are a great writter. I found the Event shopping soooo funny I read it outloud to my DH. You are going to look super.

Great quilts too.