Tuesday, May 26, 2009

weekly update

the weekend that was: Strip & Stones Club at the Quilt Basket on Saturday. Even though I promised myself I wouldn't, I bought the kit. More on that later. Sunday was a trip to a local winery for a strawberry, chocolate, and wine festival. More on that later. Monday was exciting: tons of laundry and a bunch of quilting.

where i am at the moment: Home!

on my to-do list this week: Quilts, writing, class samples

what I'm sewing: my new quilt kit, graduation quilts, and other presents

books I've read: Dog on It by Spencer Quinn. You must read this book. A detective story told from the perspective of the dog. It was worth the overdue fine at the library.

movies I've seen: X-Men, Sex and the City, and at long last.... Wall E.

next trip: College graduation in Ohio!

what I'm looking forward to: my book release party on Sunday!


Kim said...

How'd the party go?

debby said...

Kim, the book release party is this coming Sunday. Come on down. We're having a tea and have some fun stuff planned.