Friday, July 10, 2009

For the baby

My daughter and I are an interesting mix. We look exactly alike. We have many things in common. Like many daughters who are so burdened, my daughter tries to be different from me in as many ways as she can. One noticeable difference between us is.... she's not a quilter. She's not even a fan of quilts. Gasp! But I love her anyway.

I show her every quilt I make and ask if she likes it. I always get a variation of "it only matters if you like it." Imagine my surprise when I asked her if she liked a recent quilt and she replied, "Yes." She even explained why she liked it. I was bowled over with shock. And then I gave her the quilt.

Since my baby is going to college in a very cold and snowy location, this is first of several of my baby's college quilts:



Kim said...

Wait.....I like it too!

debby said...

I think you have to be a member of the "I gave birth to you club" to warrant this level of quilt acquisition power. That will have to be amended once I have grandchildren, of course.