Tuesday, July 07, 2009


In previous posts, I've described all the wonders that are Jennifer. She's pretty much the best hairdresser in the whole world and she's mine all mine. For about a dozen years, I've been looking for an excuse to make her a quilt. Finally, she opened a new salon and gave me the reason I've been looking for (for which I was looking?).

Here's her quilt:

The pattern is Bento Box and I love it!
My quilt holder has graduated from college and is back to his true work:

Isn't that a patient look on his face? I think he had been awake for about 3 minutes when I asked him to help with the quilt. Such a good boy!

I know I've mentioned that he's looking for a job as a music teacher, but that is no longer the case. Students in grades K-2 in a local school district will benefit from his daily attention. Now he'll be able to support the bride he's taking in less than 2 weeks!


Kim said...

Sweet quilt........lucky Jennifer :0)
Wish her well from me in the new shop :0)

Bonnie said...

Nice quilt... I love Bento Box but have never done one. Some day ... maybe. The colors turned out great.

congratulations on the son's job. there's nothing as satisfying as children who are self sufficient. Jobs, homes, not moving back home... well, may be grand kids but I don't have any so can't say for sure!

Don't forget to share wedding photos! Bonnie in the Poconos...