Monday, July 13, 2009


Did anything special happen early last fall? I'm trying to figure out why I'm being called upon to make an unusually large number of baby quilts this season.

I'm not sure who this one is for, since there are so many new babies:


Kim said...

I was a baby once :0)
am I too late for that quilt?
Its a beauty.

6 days and counting....:0)

Happy Sewing

Judy said...

Hi, I just found your blog and I love how you are counting! I never, ever thought to do that!!!
I did a quick skim of your pictures and now I must read!!! :)
And that quilt, gorgeous!

Bonnie said...

Debbie -- I'm behind on reading but had to tell you I love this quilt. I REALLY like how nice and round the quilting is. (does that mean my quilting will eventually get nice and round??) Do you have an Intelliquilter on your long arm?

Love the pedicure. I need to schedule another one too.