Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My husband is good friends with a young man at work and I'm friends with his young wife. (We find that very convenient.) We met them shortly after they married. I've always felt bad that I didn't give them a quilt for their wedding, so I'm giving them a quilt for Christmas. It won't be delivered until they come to our New Year's Eve party, so I was given a few days grace to finish it.

I'm sorry for the dark photo -- we were chasing daylight.

Does anyone have a copy of Thimberries Beginner's Luck book? I do, and I cannot count the number of quilts that I've made from it. All of this fabric was in my collection (stash is a dirty word). It was pieced quickly, quilted quickly, and bound by machine (gasp!).


Kim said...

Okay call me crazy but its Dec. 29th...when is the Christmas Eve party?

Good going on the quilt Debby......
You have a had a productive holiday!

Happy Sewing!

debby said...

ok, so I really meant New Year's Eve. I'm concentrating more on quilting than on writing.