Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If you don't have fun saying Kokopelli.....

.... you're probably pronouncing it wrong.

This summer, my son got married (yay!). At the wedding, my husband's uncle asked if I could make a Kokopelli quilt for his wife. I promised to get right on that, after the mother-son dance and other trivialites.

In early November, I had a "holy crap!" moment, when I remembered that I had promised this quilt by Christmas. I found paper-pieced patterns and embroidery patterns for Kokopelli and they all screamed one thing to me "we'll take FOREVER to make!" Off to the internet I went to find Kokopelli quilt fabric.

Once the fabric arrived, I quickly chopped it into large pieces thanks to "Beginner's Luck" by Thimbleberries.

I finished the binding and mailed the quilt before Christmas. I deserve chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.


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