Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thirty-nine (for the first time)

My daughter's friend has an absolutely adorable neice. I made a quilt for her birthday last year. Fortunately it was child-sized, or my daughter's friend would have stolen it and let her neice be quilt-less.

Since I finally finished my son's friends graduation quilts (after only 4 years), I'm working on my daughter's friend's quilts (only 6 months late). I reproduced the little girl's quilt in a person-sized manner.

It even has a cool purple spider-web back!

Eleven more projects to go this year. I'm still not sure if that's gonna happen, but I love the empty spaces in the sewing room as the projects head out the door!

1 comment:

Kim said...

You are my hero.......but I am still not brave enough to set such a demanding goal for myself!
But I am rooting for you to meet your 50 finishes :0)!

Merry Christmas Debby!