Thursday, November 11, 2010

Did you ever...

... play a childhood game where you dug through a pile of sawdust to find pennies? That's kind of what I'm doing today, but I'm digging through piles of mail instead of sawdust. After about two months of travel, I have three piles of mail, each over a foot tall, and that doesn't include the boxes!

I started with the top of one pile and found treasure about half way down:

Also in the package were CDs of quilt photos and harp music by the famous Ray Pool!

This treasure was sent to me by my friend John Kubiniec. Do you know John? He's a McCall's Design Star finalist. Check out his quilts and vote for him!


Big Rig John said...

Can't wait to see how you color in some of those quilts in the book! And when ya'll vote for my quilt - please leave a comment in the comment box - then click "Add Comment" at the voting page on the McCall's Site.

Kim said...

Hope you are plowing through that mail! is a curse!

Happy sewing and safe travels :0)