Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Knew I Could!

I've been crocheting my fingers to the bones trying to finish my doily made with Accent thread from WonderFil.

Four medallions completed and joined:

I crocheted a medallion to fill the center and then it was time to block the doily. I got the doily wet, gave it a light coating of starch, and then pinned it to a board to dry in place:

Does this remind anyone else of Hellraiser?.
The finished project:

When I made Mom's tablecloth out of crochet cotton, it was very sturdy and stiff. This is rayon and while it is sturdy, it isn't stiff at all! It has an amazing drape to it. I would really love to see how this would hang as a tablecloth, but I don't want it enough to spend a few years crocheting these medallions. I'm just not that curious!

So, what did I learn from this? I learned that I can still make lace. I learned that Accent makes a wonderful crochet thread. And I learned that I prefer the feel of rayon lace!


Unknown said...

Individual medallions would make great Christmas Tree ornaments!

Darx said...

Wow! Lovely.

Kim said...

You have lots of patience!
This is just beautiful workmanship Debby.

Okay I'll take two of those table clothes :0).

Happy Sewing