Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Think I Can...

When I started blogging about crocheting my doily with Accent thread from WonderFil, I knew that I wanted to share a photo of Mom's tablecloth with you. My problem was that Mom lives over 400 miles away and I have no plans to visit her before Christmas. I asked Dad if he could take a photo of the tablecloth and e-mail it to me. Suffice it to say that explaining to my father over the telephone how to upload a photo from his digital camera and attach it to an e-mail was a bit of an adventure. He took a beautiful photo and, with perseverance and great determination, sent it to me.

I'm very grateful to my mom for staging her dining room for this photo and to my dad for conquering technology.

(photo courtesy of Edwin Ritenbaugh, my dad!)

Since we now know how hard Mom and Dad worked for this blog post, I have to prove that I've been working hard as well.

This week, I finished two medallions and joined them:

I had so much fun that I kept crocheting and finished the third medallion and joined it to the first two:

I've received some fun comments from bloggy friends. Comments like, "You are crocheting? With thread? Are you absolutely mad?" My answer to that is, "Yes. Yes. and Yes." But truly, what good is putting off important projects if you cannot work on something entirely frivolous and lovely while you are procrastinating?

Will I keep procrastinating on my big projects? Will my eyes and hands hold out to finish this doily? Check back next Wednesday!

(To read part one of this project, click here.)

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Kim said...

Wait! you made this table cloth?
It is truly a beautiful piece of work Debby!

good luck on those know they make drugs for this!

Happy Sewing