Friday, March 22, 2013

Gifts! corn pillows

When we saw our family at Christmas, they subtly let me know that their corn pillows were getting old and if I were interested, they would like new ones.

I took the hint:

For the un-initiated, a corn pillow is filled with feed corn and heated in the microwave.  We use them to keep us toasty warm!


QuilterMary said...

Is the same thing as a rice bag? Or one made with cherry pita? Never made these - may have to try it.

Rina Mason said...

I love my corn pillows. I've made them in all sizes and use them for my back and neck. They keep the heat in for such a long time. My cat even likes them. She laid down on a cold one that I had on the sofa and when she got up it was toasty just from her body heat. It seems to help her old joints.

sewyouquilt2 said...

I make mine using rice. I even made small 3 inch ones for putting inside mittens when shoveling snow. helps keep your hands warmer longer and feels oh so good.
just make sure not to heat too much. Our family loves theirs too. one for work for neck strains of working at a desk. endless possibilities.

Rebecca said...

I made these for Christmas for my sewing circle.(love those ladies)
What I did was make the corn bags with muslin and then made a removable flannel covering that could be washed. Each lady got 2 bags… One with red flannels for the microwave (hot) and one covered with blues to be kept in the freezer for a cold pack….(beats a bag of frozen peas).