Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Think They Liked It?

Remember my art homework from last week?

I was not sure that they would "get" the fabric mail art bit, but they mostly seemed to:

peer 1 → I like this work pretty much. It was really original to chose textile for mail art. The only thing I did not have enough - text. You can continue your work with embroidery letters.

peer 3 → The idea of using fabric and stitching is out of the box and the idea of blurring and faded memories is excellent. I admire your thinking in creating this. Good luck

peer 4 → You captured the scents of summer. I liked your use of the gingham to represent a picnic table cloth and reinforce your theme.

I enjoyed sitting with my summer memories, trying new fabric techniques, and playing with Hazel, my sweet Sweet Sixteen.  Having my peers like my project was unnecessary, but nice to hear.

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