Thursday, June 06, 2013

Life by the Numbers

In the last 97 days, I have spent exactly 19 days at home.  Most of the "away" days were work days, which were fun.  The rest of the "away" days were vacation days, which were even more fun.

During that time, I have been to or through 20 states and 2 foreign countries (Canada and Australia).  I cannot count the number of hotel rooms or the miles on the rental cars, and I refuse to consider the number of miles flown.

Is it ok to admit that I am tired?  It is?  Good, because I am tired.   I am surprised to discover that through the fatigue and exhaustion, I am creatively energized.  I have spent the last few months teaching quilting and going to quilt shows, but I have not been quilting.  It is like being to bakery after bakery and never eating cake.  Shudder.

I am home for 21 days.  TWENTY-ONE DAYS!  I cannot remember the last time I spent this many days in a row at home.  I plan to lock myself in my studio and quilt.

I made myself jump in right away and make a fun little quilt on my first day at home:

Is the theme too subtle?

This quilt is 8.5x11 inches; it is reverse appliqued and quilted using WonderFil InvisiFil threads. I love InvisiFil Thread!!!

I plan to quilt and quilt and quilt some more in the next few weeks.  I will keep you posted on my progress.

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