Saturday, June 15, 2013

They Liked It!

Remember last week's art assignment?

I received my assessment.  They "got" it.  I was worried that working in fabric would cause confusion, but they understood me.

"Thank you for sharing your piece of art. I can see not only hope in your ... work but I see an entire universe in these forms and structures. I especially love the circles and the little balloon at the bottom. The colored rayon threads adds vitality and hope. "

"WOW! This is stunning! I have dabbled in quilting myself, so am appropriately wowed at the intricate, detailed quilting in each of those squares. I love that you even considered the weight of your thread to stress the importance (or lack thereof) of the lines. I can sense the chaos in not knowing what each day will bring - with each and every square on the right having a different quilting pattern. I can also see the calm and peace in the sameness of the quilting on the left. The red and orange really pops against the background and does bring some sense of hope and life to the artwork. "

I am really satisfied with this piece and did not need the positive affirmations, but they never hurt.  Do they?

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