Monday, July 07, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- night 64

I was thrilled to meet my students today at the Cotton Patch in Birmingham, England.  We spent a day filled with love for our Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteens!

One student per machine.  Can you imagine anything better?

Joy finished her class sample:

I wish I lived here to take patchwork classes from her!

Liz must have thought the class was a success because she didn't throw me back in the stocks.  Phew!  I was worried!

After class we went to a lovely restaurant that served a HUGE plate of fish and chips:

I ate something else, but this was impressively large!

I met my new best friend, Zoe.  She was my waitress tonight.  She apparently agrees with my belief that Chocolate Cake is the Meaning of Life.  I asked for her assistance in choosing between two different chocolate desserts and this happened:

Zoe:"Oh the chocolate fudge cake, definitely!"
Me:  "That sounds great, I'll take it!"
Zoe:  "Would you like ice cream, pouring cream, or custard?"
Me:  "Um..."
Zoe:  "Do you want to know how I like it?"
Me:  "Certainly!"
Zoe:  "I like chocolate fudge cake with cookies and cream ice cream.  It's the best, really."
Me:  "That settles it, then."

This is what Zoe brought me.

We are now BFF.

Now for the hotel:

On the breakfast table at the hotel, there was a bowl containing two different condiment packets:

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, I KNOW what Heinz tomato ketchup is.  The HP sauce confused me.  I read the ingredients.  It contained tomatoes and vinegar, just like ketchup, but had additional ingredients.

I try to keep up my image as a wise world traveler, but oft I fail.  I can't keep it up for long and find life simpler (and more interesting!) to just ask questions.

I showed this photo to my students and they explained what HP sauce is.

"Brown sauce"
"It's sweet"
"It's like a steak sauce"

Now I understand!

Tomorrow I leave my hotel at "half eight."  I also used a "serviette" at the dining room table.  All English is not created the same.


Annelize Littlefair said...

I sympathize, had to learn very quickly when we moved here from South Africa 26 years ago and English was not my first language!

Lynda Jackson said...

Looks as though you have had a fab time. Glad they are looking after you. And the language thing, you will get used to it, and if not it will certainly give the folks back home a laugh when you explain some of the things. Have you had Yorkshire Pudding yet. Ask Liz, its not a pudding at all. x

Doreen Auger said...

The chocolate cake looks awesome. The front gal in the 2nd photo epitomizes the phrase keeping your "nose to the grind stone"! I think my eyes would cross and my neck break!!! Looks like they all had a great time!!!! Awesome machine (love mine!!!!)!!!!