Friday, July 11, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- night 68

I taught my last class at The Cotton Patch (Birmingham, England) today and I am so sad!  This is an amazing shop and their students are so incredibly creative.  I was humbled to have these artists in my classes!

The folks here treated me like a celebrity.  They fed me treats daily and ended the week with a healthy dessert:

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm is for mango.

The lovely folks at The Cotton Patch gave me a present at the end of the week:

Chocolate and Hello Kitty -- they know me so well!!!

Since I am checking out of this hotel tomorrow, I have to show the rest of my "hmmm, I didn't know that" hotel pics.

The shower handles are a bit different than the ones at home:

The left is for volume and the right is for temperature with 38*C being marked by the dot.

This lightswitch is next to my bed.  The left is for the room light and the right is for the bed light:

The question is... which one is on and which one is off?  The left one is off (up) and the right one is on (down).  That takes a little getting used to.

So long, Birmingham.  I can't wait to come and see you again!

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Just Sew Sue said...

There's often two switches for one light in a room so the on and off position can change. :)