Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- night 69

Another day, another hotel room.  This one is in London (the one in England):

Super small rooms have super-small baths, but they are so cute!

The very first thing we did in London was to stop at a pub.  We shared this lunch:

Is there much more traditional than fish and chips at a pub in London?

I'm glad we ate that, because odd circumstances led us to eat BBQ for dinner:

We were walking along the Themes, looking for somewhere to eat dinner.  We walked past a BBQ restaurant.  My husband loves BBQ and we were debating how awful it would be to eat BBQ in London when the first drops began to fall.  We ducked inside to avoid the rain and ate a yummy, non-traditional dinner.

I saw a bunch of gorgeous buildings from afar:

Hopefully I will see some of them up close tomorrow!

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