Friday, July 24, 2015

Cut the Scrap -- Cuties!

Do you have any fabric in your sewing room?  A little?  A lot?  If you are anything like me, you have no "room" in your sewing room because it is full of fabric.  I have a decent system for storing yardage, kits, and in-process projects in my sewing space, but I am overrun by scraps!

A basic philosophy of my life is that I like to do a minimum amount of effort and see a maximum amount of results.  This hardly ever works, but when I try to manage my overflowing scrap bins I pull out the largest pieces first and try to cut them into chunks that are 9"x22" (fat eighths).  I roll them into little bundles and call them Cuties.

I see a lot of black and white Cuties in that drawer that will probably turn into a quilt soon.

I design patterns for the Cutie Collection (patterns that use 16 fat eighths) and use my scraps to test patterns and make scrap quilts just because I like them.

My Cutie drawer has produced several Cutie Quilts:

Fenced In:

Squared Away (Halloween prints):

Squared Away (leftovers from a Fig Tree & Co. kit):

Sweet Tooth (light):

Sweet Tooth (dark):


How about you?  Do you have scrap pieces large enough to cut fat eighths?  Which Cutie Pattern might show them off best?


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A Nudge said...

What a good idea. However, my scraps are always smaller than a fat 8th. Your quilts are lovely.