Monday, July 20, 2015

Quilt of the Week -- Irresistible

I love this week's quilt.  I really, Really, REALLY love this week's quilt.  

I made this week's quilt with the bits leftover from this Fenced In quilt:

I sewed four-patches as long as the scraps lasted and came up with a small quilt top.  The four-patch top was very simple but I wanted to play with thread to see how I could let the quilting change the look of the quilt:

I used WonderFil Tutti TU07 Oranges in the top and DecoBob DB138 Soft Gold in the bobbin.  I stitched a continuous curve in the large black squares and filled the curves with ribbon candy.  I love ribbon candy!  I stitched a continuous curve in each of the small squares and left them unfilled:

I am teaching myself to bind by machine and the WonderFil DecoBob DB101 Black thread hides well in the binding:

Did you notice that I snuck more ribbon candy into the black inner border?  I even filled those ribbon candies with double loops.  I am hopelessly addicted to ribbon candy!  I stitched simple swirls in the outer border since the quilting wasn't going to show much.

Can you guess why I named this quilt "Irresistible"?

A.  I can never resist Ribbon Candy quilting?
B.  I can't resist using lovely thread?
C.  I used CheezIts fabric on the back and they are my own personal Kryponite

D.  All of the above.



Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Gorgeous!!! I think your ribbon candy made this quilt...really!! Would like to see you demonstrate the ribbon candy on th border though?????

debby said...


I have a really awful (as in, you can't see anything) YouTube video about that border design here:

If you want to actually learn it, though, the fine folks at Craftsy did an excellent job with cameras and lighting. If you go to and click the "$20 Off my Craftsy Class" button, you should get the class for $19.99.