Monday, July 27, 2015

Quilt of the Week: In The Pinks

If you receive my newsletter, you've already seen my latest More or Less Quilt, In the Pinks, but I want to tell you more about it here.

I am working on a series of quilts that I call More or Less.  Every time I finish a quilt, I decide if there should be more or less of some element (color, pattern, etc.) in the next quilt.  Then I make the next quilt incorporating that change.  And do it all over again.  And again.  And again.

This week's quilt, In the Pinks, is number two in the series:

I used a not-yet-released thread from WonderFil called FabuLux.  I was tickled pink (did you see what I did there?) to design this thread line and had to have variegated pink spool in the line!

I started with ribbon candy (my fave!):

Bonus points if you notice the Hello Kitty fabric for the backing!

I stitched some straight lines to accentuate the pink stripe:

Then I went to work in the white stripe.  I started with a spine:

And then I swirled it:

Echoed the swirl:

Pebbled the background:

And got to work on the black stripe.  I stitched some diamonds:

and filled the channels with some ribbon candy (of course!):

The difference between Quilt One -- Olive Trees and Quilt Two -- In the Pinks is how I transitioned between the designs.  Check out the difference around the colored stripe in each quilt:

I think it's a much cleaner transition and I'm glad that I made the change.

If you want a better description of the quilting of each quilt and the transition between the two, watch my new video:

Look at In the Pinks again:

What will I do differently in More or Less Quilt 3?  It will be called Majestic Sunrise and I already have a few ideas...

In the comments, please answer these two questions:

1.  What would you do differently in Quilt 3?
2.  Should I continue filming videos about each pair of quilts?


susan said...

I enjoyed your video explaining the differences between the two quilts!....Yes please do another video...

As far as what to do next, I love the channel as an intro to each section...what about a channel at the very left? and I wonder what it would look like if you use your "star" design as a backdrop before your feather...its a great design inside the diamonds, maybe it would be great for the background...might be too subtle but then it might be fun...would the diamonds ever have pebbles or a few diamonds have pebbles? Just wondering....

Thanks again for sharing.

debby said...

Good ones! I'll file those away for future changes

Sandra Montgomery said...

Thanks for sharing both your thought and stitching process. I would enjoy seeing more of your videos so please make more. Your quilting is amazing.

sunny said...

Keep the videos coming! And thanks for explaining each step you did. I'm trying to become more proficient at quilting, and choosing a design is the hardest part for me. I'm absorbing all I can!!

Phyl said...

Love the videos and your quilting. Look forward to all of the ideas. Can't wait to see any changes that you make. I love it as is.

debby said...

I'll try to get another video in a few weeks. Thanks

debby said...

I'm glad this was useful. I'll try to do another video for quilt 3

debby said...

I actually have a list of ideas but I don't know exactly what I'll do next