Thursday, December 15, 2016

Do You DecoBob?

There is an unsung hero in most of my quilts.  It is the strong and silent type of hero.  It provides a strong foundation, keeps to itself, and makes my day easier by saving me time.

It's DecoBob thread.  I use it nearly exclusively in the bobbin when I machine quilt, regardless of the thread I am running through the needle.

DecoBob is an 80wt 2-ply polyester thread.  It makes a beautiful stitch, keeps your machine quilting from getting thick when you over-stitch, and the bobbins last (nearly) forever!  I love not having to change my bobbin as often!

I just finished quilting this quilt with FabuLux Rocking Horse, a 40wt 3-ply thread in the needle and DecoBob in the bobbin:

The pastel FabuLux blends really well into this shabby-chic quilt!

The back:

Only the DecoBob shows on the back of the quilt. 

I am now carrying several colors of DecoBob in my online store in both 2000m spools and M-size pre-wound bobbins (boxes of 24).  Try it on your next quilt!

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KathyD said...

Do you find that you need to wind your bobbins slower? I tried using Invisifil in the bobbin and it blew out my bobbin.

Vireya said...

I've been using DecoBob exclusively since doing the workshop with you in Melbourne. I'm very happy with it. I initially bought pre-wounds, but as I used them up I bought cones and am now winding my own.

Kim said...

Oh la la I do like your new quilt.....might have to try that one :0)

Happy Sewing

kupton52 said...

I checked out your online store but didn't see any pre-wound bobbins.... :(

kupton52 said...

I absolutely love how the Fabulux Rocking Horse looks with that color of DecoBob....what exactly is that color of DecoBob you used? Will you be adding it to your online shop?