Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Sewing Room = the Bermuda Triangle

Apparently, my sewing room is a close relative of the Bermuda Triangle.  Necessary and important items often disappear and are never seen again.

I keep a list on my desk of things that are lost in my sewing room.  The item on the list that has been bugging me the most is the foot pedal for my sewing machine.  I usually sew without the foot pedal (using the push-button feature) so it's not stored plugged in to the machine where I can use it, but back on November 8 a friend came to sew with me and wanted to use my machine.  After a short search didn't unearth the pedal, I found a compatible foot pedal and she was in business; I, however, was a distracted mess and haven't been able to concentrate on much over the last 6 weeks over all of the "Where on earth is my foot pedal hiding?" noise in my head!

Happily, this happened yesterday:

Here's the full story:

Sunday night, I pulled out fabric to make a new quilt.  I have exactly eleventy-thousand quilts in progress and should really finish a few before I start another one.  I argued the pros and cons of that point to myself overnight and yesterday morning I dutifully re-folded the fabric and began putting it away.  I store my fabric in bins under my Handi Quilter Fusion longarm machine so putting fabric away requires kneeling.  While I was kneeling and returning the fabric to its home, I looked across the room (under the Fusion) at the shelf next to my sewing machine from a lower vantage point than usual.  I saw the foot pedal on the shelf next to the machine WHERE IT BELONGED.  Trust me, I looked there several million times in the last many weeks, but I managed to not see it each and every time.  I stood up, walked to the shelf, and looked for the foot pedal but I couldn't see it; it was hiding under a needlepoint kit.  Why do I have a needlepoint kit?  When is the last time I needlepointed?  How did it come to live on top of the foot pedal?*

That's the story of how my foot pedal was lost and then found again.  I have plans to move this sewing machine and those plans were being foiled by the missing foot pedal.  I searched my sewing room countless times for it.  I called a quilt shop where I went on retreat in June (JUNE!) to ask if I might have left my foot pedal there.  I investigated buying a new one.  I was ready to hand over my credit card to replace it, and then yesterday morning happened.

My Sewing Room = The Bermuda Triangle (Or, Sometimes They Come Back!)

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*Answers: Who knows. Over 15 years ago. That's a mystery for the ages.


Crystal_235 said...

I'm always losing things and then finding them someplace that I've looked 100 times for them!

beefi8 said...

You mean you are human like the rest of us? LOL Glad you found the missing pedal!

Linda Schiffer said...

I got a real chuckle out of your story about disappearing items in your sewing room. Mine is clearly closely related to yours - I can turn my head while working on something and turn it back to find that something I need that HAD been right in front of me is missing. Sometimes the items reappear disguised as fabric or hiding under some books ... but often they stay hidden until I'm nearing the hair-tearing-out stage of frustration. So much sympanthy!

:) Linda

Eileen said...

It just took a little vacation. Now, the needlepoint? You're on your own. :)