Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sewing Room Confidential

I have a large sewing room, but it isn't working for me.  I have too much stuff, too little storage, and I have a bit of a scrap problem.

I save scrap fabrics for dog beds.  I make a small pillow stuffed tight with these scraps and then surround that pillow with batting inside of a larger pillow.  This makes a soft yet stable cushion for the shelter animals.

The piles of scraps are overwhelming:

I have had enough.

Long-term goal:  Make my sewing room into a workable space that I love.

Short-term goal:  Find the foot pedal for my sewing machine.  Yeah, that totally happened.

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Unknown said...

I too have a large studio and that is my goal today...clean it up...There comes a time when I just can't work with the mess. Time to fold and put away all I have just washed and clean up the cutting table so I can see the ENTIRE
But at least I know where my foot pedal is. Kathy V

Doreen said...

Still laughing about you two and your pedals!!!!!! Haven't gotten that way (yet) in my little "nest" but it IS threatening!!!!! Leaving for warmer climes in a couple of weeks and a client quilt to finish yet. Will have to face a cleaning in May when we return!!!!!!!!

Lori said...

That could be my room too...too much stuff! But. I have not YET lost my foot pedal. Scissors, yes. Rotary cutter, yes. Seam ripper, yes. Fabric, definitely. But not the foot pedal. Yet.

Anna said...

Hi, Debby: Do you have detailed instructions for the pet beds? I have a lot of scraps too, both fabric and batting, and would like to find a use for them. Pet beds for the local shelter sounds like a good idea too. Thanks so much. --Annabelle,

Shelley said...

Honey, that isn't a basket of scraps....that's garbage...and..deep's OKAY to let it go :)