Monday, April 22, 2019

Fat Quarter Experiment

Quilting is:

my job
my therapy
my hobby

Last weekend I felt the need to let quilting be my creative outlet.  

I've been collecting Fossil Fern Fabrics and have had a desire to play with bias tape for months.  So I did.

I took one of my longarm curved rulers and drew opposing curves on a Pastel Almond Fossil Fern fat quarter.  I didn't center the curve; I just plopped it on.  When I drew the opposing curve, I only measured so that the tops and bottoms of the curves matched the first curve.

I cut bias strips from Fossil Fern Wisteria, pieced them together, and made 1/2" bias tape.  Then I appliqued it to the curve using InvisiFil thread,  applique pins, and a straw needle.

I really enjoyed this small bit of hand stitching while I sat and visited with family this weekend.

I pulled out a bunch of other threads because I have ideas of where this is going next:

This is either going to be the best quilt ever or a total mess.  I'm ok either way and look forward to more small moments of play in the near future.

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