Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another Event

It's time to plan for another event.

February's event was a large work celebration dinner thing for my husband's company. After much pain, I ended up with a nice cocktail dress, very cool shoes, an AMAZING Ralph Lauren wrap, a basic black purse, and a new hairdo. I think that was all that was involved, but it took effort and agony and lots of shopping. The event was wonderful and all my preparation was worth it.

Last week we were invited to the wedding of my husband's co-worker. We think we are going, but maybe not. Jeff may have to be out of town that week and the bride is OK with our unsure answer.

Now, I have to plan for another event. The only thing I can carry over from the last bit of torturous (sp?) shopping is the purse. I could wear the dress from the last event, but it's a black cocktail dress and the wedding is at noon. Also, I've lost 30 pounds and this thing hangs on me in obscene ways (i.e. plunging neckline). With the dress go the shoes and the wrap. The hairdo needs a serious trim.

Time for a new plan:

1. Dress: I bought some fabric from the Japanese fabric company that I work for to make a dress. It is very yummy. Photos and links will be forthcoming.

2. Wrap: I spent today at the Wool Festival with some friends. It was amazingly huge and wonderful on a perfect October day. I purchased some variegated mohair that matches the potential dress. Knitting will begin this evening.

3. Shoes: I ordered some boots online and, with what I paid for shipping, they had better arrive on Monday for size and color match. There's enough time to replace them if the color and size are wrong, but not much.

4. Hairdo: I have an appointment on Wednesday.

5. Purse: Am hoping to reuse the last basic black purse unless I get some nutty scheme that I should make something 'just perfect' for the dress.

6. Wedding gift: An all-white Turning Twenty quilt that I haven't started yet.

Did I mention that I have 13 days to accomplish all of this?

I'll keep updating, but now.... I knit.


Eileen said...

Why the last minute invite? Plus, basic black is good for anything-I'd keep the wrap, bag and shoes.
Plus, only really close friends and family get quilts. Others get money-even if I have to go without a few things myself.
Oh yeah-the haircut will make you feel better.

Marla said...

Cool! Can't wait to see the pics of the finished product(s)!! :)