Thursday, October 05, 2006

TaDa! (or, Seeing Red)

I finally have some sewing pictures to share!!!

This quilt is for a baby girl. I was trying out a new thread for the local quilt shop and it worked great!!! Thanks to Bonnie for the pattern.

The next quilt is a scrap quilt made with a 3-inch tumbler template I bought at Pinwheels. It is for another baby girl.

Thanks again to Bonnie for the idea for the scrappy back.

(Aren't my husband's PJ's cute?)

I have a few more quilts that will probably be done soon (and they are not red!!!). I'm binding as fast as I can!!!

On a less-quilty but more philosophical note -- has anyone ever noticed how tough it is to achieve balance in life? When I was working hard to lose weight, that was my main focus. I didn't work as much and we won't talk about the condition of my house. Now I'm trying to maintain a weight-loss lifestyle, maintain a clean house, get caught up with my work, get caught up with my volunteer work, and do something because I want to (quilting) and not because I have to (work). I'm getting a little closer to a balanced life, but I'm sure I'll never arrive. Does anyone have this down pat? Any advice to share with the rest of us?

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