Monday, August 25, 2008

Another good book

I have a very weird system for picking books to read. Sometimes it's everything by an author. Sometimes it's what I've seen others read in airports. And sometimes I pick audiobooks based on who the reader is.

Scott Brick is one of my favorites. I requested a whole bunch of books that he's read and found some very enjoyable ones. "City of the Sun" by David Levien is one of those. I started listening with absolutely no pre-conceived ideas and this book blew me away.

Gritty might be a good description. Moving would be another. Tragic. Compelling. I finished listening to this book in my garage after listening to the last CD while driving and arriving home before it was over. I couldn't stand the thought of turning it off long enough to walk upstairs and put it in the CD player in my office.

So, not for the faint of heart (sensitive subject matter), but absolutely compelling. Read it!

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