Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm not dead yet!

Things just got a bit crazy. Sorry.

I'll post now, though, if that's ok.

My daughter and I went to the University of Maryland this weekend. I really, really liked the school, but it's not completely about me, I guess. We had to be there at 10am Friday. In case you are new, we live in New York. I love waking at 4am in order to cross the George Washington Bridge before rush hour. Yay! I also love construction traffic, weekend traffic, and all other forms of traffic. We hit them all.

To pass the time, we listened to "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption" by Stephen King. I was shocked to discover that I have never read it before. I've read most of his works (except The Dark Tower series. I don't like them). I rarely read books after I've seen the movie; it's such a set-up for disappointment. I took the risk since my daughter and I both love the movie. The book was read by someone who wasn't Morgan Freeman but who sounded shockingly like Morgan Freeman anyway. We pointed out places where the screenplay differed from the book, but thankfully they were few. All movies that are based on books should at least resemble the books they were based on, don't you think? It's tragic how many don't.

Stephen King outdid himself in this novella. The last line is now one of my favorites: "I hope."

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The Calico Cat said...

I love the movie & I loved the novella!