Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Making a Spectacle of Myself

I've often mentioned that I hang my laundry outside to dry. It's something that is good for the environment and our budget. It's a bright part of my day. I love going outside in the morning and listening to the birds and critters making their normal racket. It makes me wonder why people think that it's quiet in the country. I'm soothed by the process of hanging laundry and I love folding the fresh-smelling clothes at the end of the day.

It's obvious that I enjoy my laundry-hanging experience. Today, it became obvious that someone else enjoys it as well:

This lovely lady made herself comfortable and watched me intently for the entire process.

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Marion said...

Hello Debby,

I practise it like you, I hang it outside to dry as often as I can, only in the winter I must use the tumbler dryer. And the money I have saved, I can use for better things.... :-))

I love the fresh smell of the sun-wind-air dryed clothes.



Hope I see you soon....