Saturday, September 06, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- night 99

This morning when I pulled out of my hotel parking lot, I saw a rainbow:

I decided to follow the rainbow to the end, to see if there was a pot of gold.

There was!

This is a HUGE quilt shop full of lovely quilting goodies.  The quilters in this area are blessed to have a treasure of a shop here!

Georgia is lovely in late summer.  I don't want to imply that it is steamy here, but my glasses fog up every time I walk outside:

The southern quilters are lovely, and so is the southern food.  Food like...

Fried pickles!

I have never in my life said, "Yum!  Pickles!"  Rather, I have been known to walk a mile to AVOID a pickle.  A fried pickle, however, just might grow on me.

Tonight I am sitting in my hotel room, catching up on paperwork, knitting, and wishing I had a sodapop.  It took about an hour and a half, but I finally worked up the energy to walk to the lobby to find this treat:

My 99th day in a hotel was a good one indeed!

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