Saturday, November 01, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- night 122

If you have never been to the International Quilt Festival in Houston, you don't know that it's not about the quilts as much as it is about the feet.

There is a lot of walking and standing and walking, some more walking, and then some standing interrupted by walking.  A body can only enjoy the quilts as long as the feet hold up.

Today was my 7th day in Houston, and my feet are starting to complain a bit.

This is how my morning started:

I was resting up before my 5th class of the week.  I spent my lunch break the same way.

I am now done teaching all six of my classes here, and this is how my day is ending:

My feet are up again, and I'm reading my new quilt book.  This book makes me want to dig into my scrap bin at home and to start stitching!

Tomorrow, I'm walking some more as I have most of the day to see the quilts and check out the vendors.

These little piggies are going to Quilt Festival!


Unknown said...

Once you put your feet down and we all sat in your class, you did a fabulous job! I really enjoyed quilting feathers since you had taken most of the fear out of making them. Great job! Just wish I had known about you, when I booked my classes: I would have taken the afternoon one also!
Hope you are safely home.

Unknown said...

I know the feeling. Was happy to teach at conferences, but sitting down with feet up between workshops is so relaxing to go on!