Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

I like to talk about my favorite things on Fridays, but this week I want to talk about some of my favorite quilters.  All of these quilters have something in common:  I haven't met any of them.  I love their work and want you to experience it if you haven't already.

1.  Sue Bleiweiss

Every time I see a quilt by Sue Bleiweiss, I am overjoyed and jealous and covetous.  Her quilts just make me happy.  The colors, the shapes, the subjects... I love everything about her quilts.  I am jealous because I can't do art like she does.  I am covetous because someday I want to own one of her quilts.  (In case it matters to anyone, my birthday is in May.  Consider this a hint.)

2.  Janet Stone

She makes cute and clever alphabet quilts.  I couldn't find a website for her, but if you google "Janet Stone Quilts" you'll find several images, usually supplied by shows that have awarded ribbons to her quilts. Her quilts just make smile.

3.  Kellie Wulfsohn

Kellie Wulfsohn is an Australian pattern designer.  I admire her eye.  I want to buy every one of her patterns.  I think I have already bought every one of her patterns.  I want to make every one of her quilts.  Ok, reality hits, but maybe I'll make one or two?  Her quilts are bright and bold and colorful and cute and clever and...  I need to get home and quilt.

I would love to meet any (all?) of these quilters someday and let them know how much joy their quilts and designs have brought me.  They inspire me.

Who are your heroes in the quilting world?

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