Sunday, February 22, 2015

Getting It Together -- at the ready!

I have designed several Cutie quilting patterns for the Quilt Basket.  Two patterns are out so far (Squared Away and Going My Way?), but many more are in the works.  Whenever I get an idea for a new pattern I am able to open my Cutie drawer, pull sixteen fabrics that will work together, and stitch up a sample.

My Cutie drawer is full of fabrics leftover from other projects:

It is so convenient to have a drawer full of pre-cut fabric for when inspiration strikes!  Fewer quilt ideas slip away from me this way.

Last week, I pulled a bunch of fabrics and tested a new pattern.

Sneak peek:

I promise that I'll eventually show the whole quilt.  Really, I will.

I'm sewing the last border today, then I will quickly quilt it, bind it, photograph it, and probably give it away.  If this pattern gets approval, I will then remake it with a pack of Cutie fabrics and the pattern will eventually be released.

I am having so much fun with this project and wanted to share a peek of how I get the process started.

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