Thursday, February 12, 2015

Why I am not quilting this week

I live in New York and the winter weather has been particularly unkind of late.  We've suffered through storm after storm after storm, and the snow is piling up!  I am content during a storm if all of my chicks are safely home and no one has to travel anywhere, but I travel often and my family members are all employed.  I am discontent with this winter weather!

The storm earlier this week had me stressed out!  I had to be in Denver yesterday so I planned to book a flight for Tuesday.  It is February and I live in New York, so I booked a flight for Monday, just in case the weather got ugly and I had some delays.  Well, it was predicted to get ugly and then uglier and leaving two days for travel wasn't enough.  I was able to argue the Delta operator into changing my flight to Sunday.  I was so relieved that I would be able to get out of town!

The snow was falling on Sunday and I learned a lot about de-icing planes.  I was feeling bad and grateful for the ground crew that had to work outside in the nasty weather to make sure I had a safe flight.  I looked out my airplane window and saw this contraption:

It was an enclosed bucket hanging off a truck.  A man was inside of the bucket, spraying de-icing stuff (it's the term industry insiders use) onto my plane.

After the de-icing stuff came the we-don't-want-to-form-any-new-ice-on-the-plane stuff:

You didn't know I was up on all the industry terminology, did you?  And this stuff is poison green.  Sigh.  Now I need to go buy poison green fabric.

Well, both types of stuff worked and I got out of town on Sunday.  Phew!  I was in Denver by Monday morning, nearly two days before I really needed to be here.  That left plenty of time for a manicure:



(Sorry, no picture.  Did you honestly expect one?)

I am staying at a hotel with really funky details like this carpet:

This panel on the elevator:

And the wallpaper that makes me want to go home and quilt:

I'm supposed to go home on Saturday.  Look at the weather for the rest of the week;

Why would I want to go home to sub-zero temperatures and even more (please, no more!) snow when I could stay here in Denver with weather like this?:

I guess I kind of miss my husband and it's like Valentine's Day or something, so if the weather allows, I will get on a plane and fly home to where it is always winter and never Christmas.


Oh, wait!  I forgot to tell you why I am in Denver!

(OK, I didn't really forget.  It's kind of a secret and I can't tell you.  Stay tuned, though, and I'll let you know about fun new happenings when I can.)

Happy quilting to all!


BizzieLizzie said...

I don't blame you for wanting to stay in Denver when you have green de-icing stuff to contend with. Hope it warms up soon - they have had lots of snow in Spain too. Sometime the greyness of England in winter can be quite nice! Great pedicure!

Linda@Creekside said...

Have we ever had a worst winter here in the mid-Hudson Valley? Good thing you've got plenty of quilts to keep you warm!

Great toes!