Sunday, February 01, 2015

Getting It Together -- the small bits

I have a problem.  My scrap bin runneth over:

This is a huge bin.  Huge.  Gi-Normous!  Someday, I hope to see the bottom of that bin, but someday isn't today.

My scrap bin isn't the largest problem in my sewing room, but it's definitely a problem.  Every bucket I empty in here is a small victory, but if I ever empty this bin it will be a HUGE victory.  These scraps multiply like rabbits, I swear to it!

When I'm in a "I want to play with fabric but don't really know what project I want to work on" mood, I dive into my scrap bin and start cutting those leftovers into useful sizes:

I cut them into (clockwise from top left):  1.  five inch squares  2.  10 1/2 inch squares for backings  3.  fat eighths for Cutie Quilts  4.  1 1/2 inch strips  5.  2 1/2 inch strips  6.  half yard cuts.  I also cut fat quarters, but none of the fabric in this cutting session lent itself to fat quarters.  Weird.

If you want to know more about managing your scraps, I know of no better resource than Bonnie Hunter's Scrap User's System.  I don't do exactly as Bonnie does, but she is an inspiration.  

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A Nudge said...

Yes, those scrap bins seem to be never ending. And with each scrap quilt I make they seem to increase not decrease! I'm going to start cutting up the leftovers of fabric from a quilt right into usable sizes right when I finish a quilt. That way maybe the bins won't increase at least.