Saturday, January 31, 2015

Travel and Diversions

I recently flew from New York to California and back.  I was teaching at Road to California.  The show was great, as I described earlier this week.  The travel was... well... I got there and back and sometimes that's enough.

My trip from my house to the show involved a 6am Saturday morning on the Van Wyck Expressway.  UGH!  It also involved a lot of nasty New York travelers freaked out about being late to the airport.  I left 5 hours from my house until my flight, and I just made my flight.  Ugh.  After I departed, an ice storm hit New York.  I'm so glad I left on Saturday instead of Sunday!

The first flight was New York to Seattle and it had movies -- Whee!!!!  I watched "The Equalizer" and "The Maze Runner."  I remember "The Equalizer" tv show and it didn't have a lot in common with the movie, but the movie was pretty ok.  I read The Maze Runner and liked but didn't love the book, and I have the same opinion of the movie.

After a short layover in Seattle, I flew to Ontario, CA.  That was a little flight with no movies.  I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up to entertain myself.  The main point of the book is basically to throw away everything except what you absolutely love.  The book didn't change my life, but it challenged me to think about keeping less.

During the nine days I was in California, I read no books and watched no television.  Quilt shows take a lot of time and energy.

When it was time to fly home, though, I had some time to read and watch the screen.  I tried to read on my flight from California to Salt Lake City, but I brought the wrong book.  Someone recommended Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talent and Passions and Transform Your Life.  This might be a good book, but in about 15 minutes, I discovered that I already was living the dream so I slept for the rest of the flight.

I had a long, Long, LONG layover in Salt Lake City.

Since I prefer to fly in planes that have working engines, I was happy to be on the ground while they got this sorted out.

Once I was on the plane back to New York, I discovered a nasty seat-mate and movies.  I plugged in my headphones and ignored the death-glares coming from my right.  I watched "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and half of "Transformers."  My children LOVED Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when they were young.  This movie was a departure from the cartoons that I remember so well, but it worked.  I've heard nothing but bad reviews about the latest "Transformers" movie.  I didn't finish the movie, but I think I agree with the critics from the parts I saw.

I made it back home before a blizzard hit, so the trip home was a roaring success!

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