Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!

2014 was a ;year of ups and downs for me.

The biggest up:
I got a promotion!  My new title is "Grandma" and I've never loved a job more.

The biggest down:
My father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in October.

Both of these events are part of the cycle of life in a family.  In order to make more time for my family, I've decided to make some changes for 2015.

You've likely seen bloggers choosing a "Word of the Year."  I've done this before, and the choosing process can be agonizing!  This year's word, however, was easy to choose.


You likely see this at the bottom of promotional emails.

I unsubscribe from those emails as quickly as I can.  But I realized that I can unsubscribe from other things as well:  unnecessary online time, unnecessary drama, unnecessary habits, unnecessary belongs.  Are you seeing a trend?

In 2015, I'm taking time to re-examine my daily life and unsubscribing from anything unnecessary to make more time for the people that I cherish.

Please unsubscribe or un-follow my blog if it will make your 2015 a happier year.


PatSloan said...

very cool word! I am working on my word of the year post for later today.. trying to be sure i love my word!

Barb Johnson said...

This year, I will be UNSUBSCRIBING from my day job!!! I am finally retiring after 37 years. I am really looking forward to NOT having to sit in the Hulton Bridge traffic every morning!

ChristaQuilts said...

So sorry for your loss :-(
I love your idea of unsubscribe!! (But i won't for your blog) lol!!

Wanda said...

Love your word!!

Sharon said...

Unsubscribe is not a word that I'd even think of using when it comes to your blog, because your blog makes me smile!