Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spreading the Love

My friends are new grandparents and want to share their joy with you.  "How can they do that?" you ask?  Well, they own an online quilt shop and are giving a "new grandbaby" discount!

The code is here.

Their shop is the Quilt Basket.  I think you might like their Squared Away pattern.  I like it, but that's probably because I designed it.

It looked great in American Made Brand solids:

It looked great in Halloween fabrics:

Happy Halloweenie Birthday, Kate!

It looked great in these bright solids:

Made by my favorite lawyer.

This online shop has great fabric packs (for $20 -- WOW!) that work with my pattern and all of the other Cutie Patterns.

You should check them out.  Don't let this 20% off sale pass you by!

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