Friday, January 09, 2015

Friday Favorites -- updated

It's Friday again!  Yay!  It's time for more of my favorite things.

I spend most of my working days on my feet, usually on the hard floors of a convention center.  I rely on my Dansko clogs to keep me standing until the quilt show closes each day.  I love Dansko clogs; my only complaint is that they don't make athletic shoes.  I own several pairs of running shoes but each and every pair gives me blisters.  I think that Dansko athletic shoes wouldn't do that.

Well, look at these:

I tested these out by walking miles and miles and miles on the boardwalk in South Beach in December.  We walked up to 10 miles a day and not a single blister!  These are now my favorite walking shoes.

My most wonderful friend, Teri, gave me a paif of thread snips.  Not just any thread snips, though; they were Hello Kitty thread snips!

I attached them to my sewing machine (Janome 6600, since you'll ask) so that I will always have them nearby.  Sewing time is happy; sewing time with Hello Kitty thread snips is even happier!

I work as a machine quilting teacher and most people are surprised by how much hand sewing I do.  I love needle-turn applique and I hand bind most of my quilts.  In order to keep skin on my fingers with all of this hand sewing, I am a devoted thimble user.  I've used several different types of thimbles over the last few decades, but I've settled on this one:

I own four of these thimbles right now.  They are leather and they do wear out.  I usually buy my replacements at quilt shows, but I have purchased online from the manufacturer here.

Happy Friday!  May it be filled with all of your favorite things!


The shoes are Dansko.  Yay!  They finally make athletic-type shoes!  And I truly love them.


Kim said...

All that praise of the shoes and not one mention of what they are or where you got them......come on give us the goods!

Happy Sewing

Linda Stoll said...

I hear you about the shoes, Debby. I had to try on about 10 pairs of sneakers at TJ Maxx til I found THE ones.

They felt like slippers.