Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Favorites

One of my favorite things in the world is to hang laundry on the line outside.  No, I'm not kidding.  Yes, I too have heard that medication could help.

I am now home from Australia, my body is almost back in the western hemisphere, I have a suitcase full of dirty clothes, and it's April.  I'm obviously going to wash all of those clothes and hang them on the line.


Wait!  Where are the clothes?  IT WAS SNOWING, Y'ALL!!!  In April!  On my clean clothes!  I am a terrible photographer and couldn't get the falling snowflakes to show up on the iPhone.  They were really cool snowflakes, by the way; they were like little styrofoam pellets.  Odd.

Since laundry isn't my favorite thing this week (stupid snow!), I will have to talk about a different favorite thing:  thread.  DecoBob from WonderFil especially.

I love this as a bobbin thread for quilting, in the needle and/or the bobbin, but I want to love this as a piecing thread.  I never did.

It didn't make a great stitch:

The ends of the stitching came apart easily:

And the threads sometimes pulled out completely:

Like I said: not love at first piece.

Last week in Australia I mentioned my troubles to the fella at the WonderFil booth at AQC.  H told me that I had to tighten my tension to make a better stitch and lock them together.  He also suggested that I use a shorter stitch length.  I made both adjustments today and...


Look at that beautiful stitch:

The ends are holding together:

I am officially in love:

Have you tried DecoBob thread yet?  Are you in love?

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