Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pre-Cleaning: The Studio

I was at Quilt Market in Minneapolis a few weeks ago.  I met a  bunch of folks and picked up a bunch of new work that I can't tell you about yet.  What I can say is:  I need to get this studio organized and keep it that way so that I can keep up with the New! Secret! Projects that will consume most of my time for the remainder of 2015.  

Last week I showed you one of my clean longarm machines.  It is still clean and I've added some organization to it.  I now have a basket on the back of the table that holds the scraps from the current project, all of the threads for that quilt, and all of the templates/tools for that quilt.  

My stuff is all in once place now and when the project is finished I will empty that basket so that it is ready to be filled by the pieces of the next one.  Do you think that I can keep this up?  And can you guess what new Cutie pattern sample I just made from those fabrics?

This week I found the back of my other longarm, my beautiful Handi Quilter Fusion named Belle.  


The Hello Kitty in winter clothes is now sitting on the shelf with her Hello Kitty friends.  The cover to my Janome 6600 is now actually on my Janome 6600; don't die of shock.  The spare crank for my Fusion is now on the shelf waiting for a day when hubby and I can work on adding it to my front roller.  The unquilted tops are on a shelf with their friends.  The knitting needles are back in their box and on the shelf where they belong.  Phew!

My machine is cleaned and ready for me to load a new quilt on it. I'm ready to work!  

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Bonnie said...

Love the colors purple and black and white. I'm working in purple also.