Thursday, May 07, 2015

These shoes are made for talkin'

Yesterday was my birthday.  I'm tickled to be 46 years old; it is a privilege denied to too many.  I spent a quiet day at home which is exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday.

I have mentioned that I have the best husband on the planet. If you doubt me, let me show you that I am right.


These shoes:

He also bought me chocolate -- squares of dark chocolate with chili.

Like I said:  best husband on earth!

I love my new shoes and can't wait to wear them on Tuesday when I will speak at Village Square Quilters Guild.  I will be presenting "Lessons Learned While Longarm Quilting:  What I learned about quilts, quilters, and life while quilting in my bunny slippers."  Will I see you there?

If you can't make Tuesday's guild meeting, check my online teaching calendar to see if I'll be teaching at an event near you sometime in 2015. 

If our paths won't cross in person this year, consider taking my Craftsy class.

Happy Quilting!

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Misty said...

Those shoes are gorgeous!! What a great hubby. Happy birthday!