Sunday, May 10, 2015

Good to Know

I learned something new yesterday.

I was in my sewing room, drinking a strawberry-blackberry-banana-chia seed-almond milk-chocolate smoothie in my Hello Kitty sippy cup:

Don't judge me.  Do you want a strawberry-blackberry-banana-chia seed-almond milk-chocolate smoothie spilled all over your sewing room?  I rest my case.

So what did I learn?

I learned that the little hole in the lid is important:

You see, my smoothie was really thick and I was tilting my head back and tilting the cup up but nothing was coming out of the cup.  I was coaxing the smoothie, "Come on.  I know you are thick but you aren't that thick!"  That's when I realized that my nose was covering the little hole and not letting any air into the cup.  Once I moved my nose, I was able to drink my smoothie easily.

For the rest of the night (until the smoothie was gone), I kept repeating to myself, "Move your nose, Debby" every time I tried to sip my smoothie.

Lesson learned.

And you thought I only gave quilting tips.

Why was I sipping a smoothie all evening in my sewing room?  I was attacking this: preparation for this:  #Springcleanyourstudio Blog Hop!  Check out the other bloggers to see their studios SPARKLE!

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Doreen said...

Ahhhh, Debbie, I know I can always count on your giving me just the perfect wisdom....regardless of genre!!!!!! LOL! Love the "Hello Kitty" cup!!!!! And am totally addicted to pineapple mango orange banana smoothies these days (even have DH in on this one!!!!!). My studio is approaching a serious "danger zone" but..............LOL!